Belly Dance Institute Mumbai By Ritambhara Sahni

Review on Belly Dance Institute Mumbai By Ritambhara Sahni

I was so excited to learn belly dancing when I heard one of my friends joining Ritambhara Sahni Belly Dance Institute. The entire registration process was so cordial as I even had one of the representative of the institute collect the fees from my house as I could not make it to pay the fees which is the best service I have got. On day one of my class least that I was expecting Ritambhara herself being there but I was wrong, there she was the diva of belly dancing. She made me feel so comfortable and it didn`t feel like it was day one of class. As a teacher she is very graceful, dynamic, enthusiastic, motivating, passionate about her work, full of zest, extremely dedicated towards her students and last but not least she has a streak of naughtiness and is fun loving which makes her a spirited teacher. I would recommend every individual who wishes to learn dancing to join her lovely institute.


Its been almost a month since iv joined ritus academy n its been the most enriching experience fr a true dance lover like me. The best part is that Ritu gives individual attention to all her students and makes sure she`s a part of All the classes which is rarely seen in other classes. Apart from being a fabulous teacher and being excellent at her craft she`s a fabulous human being with some strong principles n values. Proud to b associated wit ritu`s academy and looking forward to excelling in the dance forms wit the same amount of passion that she has.


I joined Ritambharas belly dance institute with no prior dance experience and as stiff as a post. The first few days were a huge struggle and I began to feel this was a crazy idea. Not everybody can paint on instinct like I do and so maybe I cant dance like they do. Well so I thought. Ritambhara can make anyone dance and flex the stiffest muscle. With a gregarious personality and a genuinely happy person, her classes are alot of fun. An incredibly graceful danseuse with alot of experience up her sleeve I am always so grateful I began dancing under her expertise. She has a great way of explaining every step and will tell it to you in a way that will not make you forget easily. A fantastic teacher and an incredible person I`m glad I got to know her and be a part of this institute


Belly Dance institute Mumbai is a temple of dance, where Ritambara Sahni does not only create flawless belly dancers, but she creates Goddesses.


No matter how my week was, on Sundays I feel like a goddess who can conquer the world with her beautiful and sensuous moves. Ritambhara breaks down each technique to make it easier and ensures we do it perfectly. Every girl, woman, lady should learn belly dancing and learn it for sure only at Belly Dance Institute of Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni


Every correcting that we receive from BELLY DANCE INSTITUTE MUMBAI By Ritambhara Sahni feels like a gift from our teacher who sees greater potential in us.if someone is interested in learning belly dancing this is the place to learn from . Ritambhara maam has taught me and she is indeed one of the best person to learn from.this institute teaches us “if you want to start loving your body then teach it to movie in ways you never thought it could”


Experience of learning with Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahani has been fun, and liberating for me. Encouragement and patience- these two are attributes of this institute. I had heard that dancing liberates you. But I did not knew how. Coming here past 10 months,dancing and being with girls from all walks of life, `fun and learn` with Ritambhara , great dance studio and watching myself sway to music – whole experience with this institute has made me love myself more. This self-love gives you freedom. It is true. Dancing liberates you.


RITAMBHARA SAHNI`S BELLY DANCE INSTITUTE MUMBAI is a place for every women who WORSHIPS dancing. This kind of dance form was somewhere hidden In today`s world, and as now people are being aware of it , I FEEL IF YOU DON`T KNOW BELLY DANCING YOU ARE INCOMPLETE AS A WOMEN. This is the best form of dancing and specially when you are under the guidance of RITAMBHARA SAHNI WHO I WORSHIP AND IS OUR GURU IN THIS DANCING WORLD, your life is made as all your DREAMS TO BE A BELLY DANCER COME TRUE. I REALLY WANT TO THANK MY TEACHER RITAMBHARA SAHNI FOR THIS.